Teaching and Chaperone Assistants

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High school students may apply to become Teacher Assistants or Chaperone Assistants who help in the Sessions I and II Camps. Preference is given to students who are at least sixteen years old and receive high recommendations from school or private teachers. Enjoying children is a prerequisite. Assistants are not paid; however, room and board is provided and some financial credit may be applied toward their own Session III camp registration.

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Chaperone Assistant responsibilities
1. Sleep in cabins with an adult chaperone and ten young campers.
2. Welcome your cabin campers and guide them to the areas of camp where they will work and play.
3. Supervise the safety and participation of campers during all non-musical recreation times.
4. Accompany cabin campers at mealtimes and in table setup and cleanup responsibilities.
5. Prepare your campers for cabin competitions, such as skit night and relays.
6. Provide emotional encouragement and support to young campers who may be insecure in the camp environment.

Teacher Assistants are generally students who are interested in becoming string teachers in the future. The program seeks to provide learning opportunities while the assistants are actively involved in helping experienced professional teachers.

Teaching Assistant responsibilities
1. Sleep at camp during Sessions I and II in their own male and female cabins.
2. Help with setting up, tuning, and playing with students in all orchestra rehearsals as requested by the Music Director.
3. Assist small group teachers as "gofers" and participants.
4. Meet with the Assistant Camp Director and the Music Director daily to "debrief".

There are a limited number of openings for Assistant positions. Those selected will be contacted by our Assistant Director for confirmation. By confirming, Assistants commit to stay at Alaska String Camps' Sessions I and II, July 12-18, 2015.. There will also be at least one pre-camp training meeting that you will be expected to attend.

Chaperone assistants are not required to play an orchestra instrument, however, a musical background is preferred. In addition to the online application, two recommendations need to be filled out by non-relatives and sent in.

Teaching assistants must specify their primary orchestra instrument. Two recommendations are required, at least one must be from an orchestra or private teacher, the other can be from a teacher, or other non-relative, etc.

Recommendations forms: Chaperone Assistant   |  Teaching Assistant

To apply for either position fill out the application form below.

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